Fortnite Spring Regionals


Feburary 23


1pm EST

Arrive 30 Min Prior To event 

Doors Open at 12pm EST


What’s the basic format?

After pre-booking a slot with an esports center (contact them asap to do this), gamers will need to go to their participating venue on the day and buy a special 3 hour gaming pass from the center. During those three hours there will be qualifying matches starting as soon as players ready up on a special menu on the computer, at competition start time. Each player has 3 attempts. If you lose early in one game, you can ready up for the next one straight away.

If you fail to qualify for the finals (either by winning any game, or earning enough points) after three attempts, you can still spend the remainder of your 3 hour pass playing any games on the systems.

If you do qualify for finals, you will play in four championship games There is no advantage to qualifying more than once. If you’re through, you’re through. The final games will take place shortly after all qualifiers are complete.


Battle Royale = Auto-qualification

Top 10 +2

Top 3 +2

3 Eliminations +1

5 Eliminations +1

7 Eliminations +1

Players with the highest scores over 3 matches will qualify

See for details including start times.


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