What is ggChampions?ggChampions is ggCircuit’s official events & tournaments program which will run in ggLeap enabled esports centers across the country. Initially key events, like Seasons and High School Seasons will only be officially supported in the United States, Canada (excluding Quebec) and Mexico but we will be rolling them out to other key regions later this year, once the programs are up and running and working as they should be.

How can I keep up to date with what events and tournaments are coming up?Sign up for the ggChampions newsletter here to get the latest news and updates about events coming up, including information about prizing and participation requirements. You’ll also be the first to hear about new event announcements and exciting sponsor partnerships.

How do I know if my local center runs ggLeap?Ask your center manager or if they are running ggCircuit’s software on their PCs (or Consoles) or ggLeap software. If the answer is ‘yes’, you are in luck! If the answer is ‘no’, you can ask them if they are considering changing over to ggLeap anytime soon.

How do I get involved?Easy! Just by playing at your local center, with a valid account, you are automatically participating in our events and we will be tracking your stats and displaying the top players on the official leaderboards. Some unique events we host may require some sort of sign up (or for your center to sign up to take part) but those will be promoted through our newsletter and at each of the centers where instructions on what you have to do to take part will be given.

Will it cost money?ggChampions seasons events and weeknight events will cost no additional money from what you would normally pay for basic game time at your local center.

What games will be played?Most official ggChampions events will initially focus on the games we currently stat track. ggChampions Season 1 and ggChampions High School Seasons will be tracking Fortnite and League of Legends, with more games being added as we grow. We are expecting to add at least 1 or 2 of the most popular competitive games to the official list each Season as well as adding new events for them.

Will there be prizes?Yes! There will be a prizing system for winners of each of our official events and sometimes each participant will get an item just for taking part. Prizing will range from cash, coins, other bonus store credits, digital items and physical prizes.

How will the prizing system work for Seasons?The top player at the end of each week during our 8 week season will win a medal, provided by ggCircuit. For the entirety of the season we will be tracking your stats in your top 20 games from Fortnite and League of Legends, the top 500 players overall will qualify for finals week, where the top 5 games will count towards a first, second and third place major prize.

What are Weeknight Events?The initial offering of weeknight events will be Monday (Fortnite) and Tuesday (League of Legends) where you will earn an incentive for playing these games. The top 20 players for each game at the end of each month will either win Vbucks for Fortnite or Riot Points for League of Legend.

Is there an age restriction?Some events won’t have an age restriction, but where there’s a cash or value prize, the age restriction will be the legal age in your region and where applicable a parental permission form will need to be signed. Please review individual event rules & regulations for each event to make sure you know what is required to take part.

When does Season 1 begin?Dates of Season 1 will be announced soon.

Will there be leaderboards?Yes! We will be tracking your stats and progress LIVE for you to view with all of your friends (or competitors) and you will also be awarded account badges for incentives you complete or events you place in.

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