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Red Bull Rally

Red Bull Rally was a SUCCESS!!! SLG Provided awesome prizes, Ton of people came out and entered into the League of Legends tournament. Congratulations to team Shanghai Noon for taking 1st via bracket reset! @redbullesports @SuperLeagueGame @SLGMiamiMenace @SuperLeagueLoL

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Smash Ultimate Weeklies Registration Every Saturday

Doors Open: 2:00pmSingles Sign Ups End: 8:00pm Singles Tourneys Begin: 8:00pmRegarding sign-ups, you're encouraged to sign-up ahead of time using If you wish to make the tourney, we are more than happy to accommodate you if you utilize this form and contact the TOs to inform us of possible late arrival. Use this form if you're even slightly doubting a chance of being on timeBRING SETUPS--Pricing-- Venue fee, waived for full setups (One Nintendo Switch+Gamecube controller adaptor)$5 Tourney Fee per singles event $5 Venue BRING SETUPS

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Global Smash Ultimate Weeklies & Events

This group will feature weeklies across the USA & abroad. All venues will be updated and added shortly. Furthermore, prizes and coins just for joining theses tournaments will be explained please keep checking back in.

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